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Battlefield Hardline dev on PC launch stability

Phil Savage

Battlefield Hardline
"We’re not just porting it over," writes Battlefield Hardline's gameplay systems producer Mike Glosecki over at the Battlefield Hardline official site. "Battlefield started on the PC with 1942 and we know we have a passionate fan base on this platform."
These comments, and others, are all part of a fairly lengthy write up about Hardline's PC credentials. "I’m also a hard core PC gamer that builds his own systems and subscribes to the theory that the PC is by far the best gaming platform around," Glosecki stresses. Strip down readers, and prepare to be buttered up.
Much of the post is an attempt to reassure potential players that Hardline isn't just a re-skinned Battlefield. As for PC support, 64-player battles return, and basic features are present:
"You can play at much higher resolutions, 1920x1080 and beyond up to the capabilities of your video card. You can also use much higher graphic settings on PC – which you gives you the best texture filtering, texture quality, and anti-aliasing in addition to other benefits. You can adjust your field of view or run higher than 60 FPS if you choose. You can even play with a three monitor setup for an immersive experience. Lastly, you get to use a mouse and keyboard which gives you the best control setup for a first person shooter."
As for stability of the game, Glosecki touches on Battlefield 4's extensive launch problems.
"Stability has been one of the largest areas we’re focusing our attention at Visceral while developing Hardline. I think we can all agree that Battlefield 4’s stability at launch was less than stellar. In order to address stability for our game at launch, we’ve had the game up and running in the multiplayer environment for the last two years with both the development and quality assurance teams playing in daily matches. We’ve run two betas for the game as well, one at E3 and the pre-launch beta which just completed on Feb 9th. Both of these have not only helped us solidify the stability of our servers, but have also provided great feedback for us to address in the game. As a side note, we are also making changes to Battlelog to include a new pop-up on how to activate the plugin in your browser since this was an issue for some of our players."
It's not quite an explicit promise of a smooth launch. It is, however, a heavy implication that Visceral are confident they won't be troubled by the same issues that plagued the previous Battlefield.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ubisoft said the game The Crew is not appropriate for review before publication.
"The Crew was designed from the beginning to the living area, with the drivers. The only way it is possible that the real players from around the world in the game today. Our aim thousands of players. It's something that can not be simulated at a news conference a few developers. "
In fact, journalists and critics, along with the rest of the game will get.
"When the game was released, there will be no interference."
They also said that a review of the first day of the release of the game as possible so you expect the usual games, accurate, and may be useful they may not.
"We thought we saw on the first day of your publication review and preview games that are based on a beta version of the game that has been released. And none will be optimized according to the final game. "
Mechanical and go to the end of the race campaign. Select a category and participate in battles batch or lot of other work ... "
Check the first day of MMO games is not common and it is very sad that a lot of players, the games are developed based on a review of the first day.
The Crew Van for Xbox, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PC on December 2 release date.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Studio The Astronauts sold 60 thousand copies Adventure The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. The developers have published sales statistics , escorted her fun facts, and dedicated the first month a new trailer of the game. The game proved to be very popular with Russian gamers: the number of sold copies Russia ranked third and second only to Germany and the US. 77% of users bought the game throughSteam.
Interestingly, in The Vanishing of Ethan Carter has a sniper rifle, which was found only three players.However, only 4% of the players seriously took up the study of the game world, spending is more than 10 hours.
In The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, players will solve puzzles bunch investigating the murder. The authors argue that inspired the popular horror stories. Though in the game and there frankly frightening scenes, she really came macabre .

In the coming days for more news from The Tomorrow Children, eighth-generation console exclusive games for Sony PlayStation 4, will be released.After a small delay in the game's alpha was The Tomorrow Children, maker of the game, Q-Games, for her Twitter fans to the game in the next week promised to release more of this game.The constructor The Tomorrow Children also shared a long video of the game.
In addition, Dylan Cuthbeat, director of the play, in response to a fan question about the anti-aliasing in the game that had this title, admits the play The Tomorrow Children simultaneous use of three types of anti-aliasing is range.
40 minutes of video game play The Tomorrow Children's manufacturer, Q-Games, is published, you can view or download below.

The Tomorrow Children Play PixelJunk series is the latest project that is being built by the manufacturer. According to the latest data released by the creators of the game on the PlayStation 4 will run at a resolution of 1080 p

Friday, October 24, 2014

Google to buy the company's powerful live broadcast Twitch service that is dedicated to the game and players have sharp teeth. The webcast service with strong coverage of events related to the game, including the E3 conference has gained a lot of success and prestige. For more details, you can see more.
It is a live broadcast something like youtube and differences in these two games being alive and for being a Twitch. People who like Pew Die Pie to publish their own videos of your favorite games as they do live on Twitch doing. Google offered to buy Twitch has about one billion dollars. Figures for companies such as Google are very low prices in 2006 Google acquired YouTube for $ 1.65 billion purchase. Twitch after the success he's earned on his eighth-generation consoles PS4 and Xbox One also launched.

24204E58-EFC1-49C3-ADA6-0E24089D5563_w680_r1_s (1)
Microsoft Corp. announced that the series aims to emphasize the progress   the "world based on mobile devices and online services," the new version of the Windows operating system with a number of mutations, rather than Windows 9, "Windows 10" will be called.
According to the Associated Press, the current version of Windows, codenamed "Windows 8", because of what he called "Extreme Behavior Changes" described was much criticism.
byy 1imiaaanvgo Microsoft unveiled the "Vyndvz10» | Integration of computer operating systems, mobile and Xbox
For example, the list begins with "Windows 10" Once again, the traditional model is similar to "Windows 7" will be, but it's ingredients list - the next Windows Home opens - like "Windows 8" is designed.
Joe , the Microsoft executives who oversee the design and development of Windows, said Windows 10 "The familiar look of Windows 7, with concessions Windows 8" will provide simultaneous users.
tech preview start menu 500x281 Microsoft unveils "Vyndvz10» | Integration of computer operating systems, mobile and Xbox
Microsoft Corporation on Tuesday, September eighth, a special ceremony in San Francisco, excerpts from his outlook for the future is outlined and presentation of a test version of Windows to the new Windows "user-selected number" announced on Wednesday.

Since the game Far Cry 4 Season Pass is introduced, makers of a section especially for its multiplayer reported.Due to this, everyone thought that the multiplayer will be available only if the amount you pay. Apparently, the reality is that developers can read and comment on.
As project manager Sir Alex Hutchinson played Far Cry 4 said:
Just to clarify: the multiplayer Far Cry 4 for all those who have purchased the game, will be available.
DLC adds a new mode just to play.
The state is noted, as is Overrun If you purchase the Season Pass $ 30, you will benefit from it.
The story chronicles the fictional land of Far Cry 4 Kyrat will occur in the actual environment of the Himalayan mountain range is famous run by a ruler named Pagan Min. The main hero of the game Pagan Min Ajay Ghale, who knows perfectly as a "guest of honor" he has seen. Players will gradually become familiar with them and understand why NPC's (Non Playable Characters) completely know him are aware of his relationship with the Min. You can guess that this knowledge goes back to childhood or attend Min's army, however, to release the full version of the game to be patient to see exactly what the situation is.
Platforms Play Far Cry 4 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on 18 November (to coincide with 27 November) will be offered.




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